Rating Oven

The first category is “Is It Good”,aka is it worth the calories. This is based on things like taste, texture, and aroma. Here the dish is given from 1-5 stars. The next category is “Is It Good For You” , aka healthy or not. Here the dish is rated on things like are the ingredients organic, partially organic, all natural(which doesn’t mean much these days),does it contain any geneitacally modified(GM) ingredients, are healthy cooking methods used, types of fats used to cook, gluten free or not, cleanliness of facilities where prepared(when available), calorie content, etc. Here the dish is given Hearts instead of stars, also from 1-5. Then the scores are totaled up and if the dish has a total score of 8 or above it goes into The Dessert Doctor Hall Of Fame and a hall of fame icon will appear on the review. Incidentally, before 6/18/12 I used a scale of 1-10 instead of 1-5. I will be changing all the older reviews soon, just cutting everything in half, but until then you can do the math yourself. I feel a 1-5 system is easier to understand as it is more universally accepted.

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