About The Dessert Doctor

I am Dr. Mark, a practicing Chiropractic Physician with over 22 years of experience.

Over the years I have realized the importance of good eating habits with regards to overall health, and therefore incorporating nutrition into my practice has been a large part of my overall wellness philosophy. YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT!

Personally, most of my diet consists of organic fruits and vegetables, free range eggs and chicken, and non-farm raised fish. Usually I am very disciplined with my diet but believe it is important to “let lose” at times to give yourself something to look forward to. Here is where my enormous sweet tooth comes into play. I enjoy trying all kinds of desserts both of the healthy variety but some not so healthy ones too. This is why I have started this website. With my medical background and years of research, I want to help people make educated choices when indulging their “sweeter side”. You can have your cake and eat it too but you need to have a road map not just for how much you will eat but also WHAT you will eat.

When I review a product I will do it in two ways. First, I will rate the item on “Is it good?” which will include taste, texture, appearance, and aroma. This will give the reader a sense of should I even try this? Is it worth the calories? Next, I will rate the item based on it’s healthy benefits or “Is it good for you”? This will include ingredients(all natural, some organic, all organic, non-GMO, cooking oils used,etc.), calories, cooking method(i.e. baking vs frying), and cooking or processing facilities where possible(cleanliness, etc.) Plus I will  try to comment if item is Gluten free. I will also, share some healthy recipes with you, review cook books and cooking tools, give you fitness tips, share the best kitchen products and  let you know the latest research in the field of nutrition. All this and more in both a fun and educational format.

To your health,

Dr. Mark, “Thedessertdoctor.com

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