Oct 22

“Mile High” Key Lime Pie at Seagrille in Boca Raton

"Mile-High" Key Lime Pie

“Mile-High” Key Lime Pie

The Seagrille Restaurant, perched on the third floor of the Beach Club at the Boca Raton Resort and Club, affords stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean and provides fine-dining in a semi-casual atmosphere. The resort has many dining options to chose from but none with the scenery that Seagrille has. We decided to dine outside on their large covered patio to maximize those breathtaking ocean vistas.

For our first course we shared the Hearts of Palm Salad with panella cheese, Bibb lettuce, avocado, and tomatoes. Great flavors in a sophisticated presentation.

Hearts Of Palm Salad

Hearts Of Palm Salad

For our main course we had the banana leaf baked and miso glazed Black Cod. Several people at the resort said this was a must have dish. Someone even called it “The Candy of the Sea” because of the sweet miso glaze. The beautiful fish was as fresh as could be. The miso was indeed sweet. Served with bok choy, mushrooms, and carrots. Buttery, sweet, and a taste sensation!

Miso Glazed Black Cod

Miso Glazed Black Cod

It was my wife’s birthday so we celebrated the only way we know how, DESSERT! Our fantastic server Oscar recommended the “Mile-High” Meringue Key Lime Pie. Made in-house, this behemoth just says “Look at Me”! Alone, the inch thick buttery crust is enough to make you fall in love, but don’t stop there! The creamy key lime filling has the perfect blend of tart and sweet and the delicious “Mile-High” Meringue is a fluffy compliment to the key lime in both taste and appearance. The menu says this colossal portion is for two, but trust me, it could feed a small village! Another server came out to sing Happy Birthday in the most wonderful operatic voice, a real treat! This pie receives 4.5 Stars (out of five) for “Is it Good”.

Birthday Treat!

Birthday Treat!

The friendly, efficient, and unstuffy staff at the Seagrille is headed by manager Mario Warner. Mario came by to chat and see how we were doing, and gave us some insight  into the resort and restaurant. Even when we were by the pool during the day, Mike, the outdoor food and beverage manager, made sure our every need there was taken care of. Richard Hess, the front office manager made sure our stay at the hotel went smoothly. He even contacted me several times before our stay to make sure we had everything ready for the “birthday girl”.

Oscar said the eggs in the pie were organic but not everything is. It is out of this world but loaded with a ton of sugar and calories, especially if you were crazy enough to eat the whole slice by yourself! Therefore, this isn’t a healthy dessert, but a treat to be shared for that special occasion (Birthday!). It receives 1 heart (out of five) for “Is it Good For You”.

We truly enjoyed our visit to The Seagrille and will definitely return sometime to celebrate another special occasion. Remember to enjoy with moderation! TheDessertDoctor.com4 and half starsOne HeartCouple

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