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Farmers Fishers Bakers Restaurant in Washington D. C.

Hummingbird Cake

Hummingbird Cake

Farmers Fishers Bakers(FFB)is an upscale casual restaurant located in the busy Georgetown area of Washington Harbour at 3000 K Street NW. The eatery has its own bakery, a sushi counter, full bar, and a patio with water views. It was established with a farm-to-table philosophy using regionally and seasonally sourced foods when possible. The Washington location is the districts first LEED Gold Certified restaraunt(a green building rating system developed by the U.S. Green Building Council). Over 50 percent of their interior furnishings are recycled and their Montgomery County, MD location is 100 percent wind powered! The restaurant is actually owned by family farmers themselves.
The menu is extensive with everything from burgers to three different types of jambalaya. The prices are quite reasonable considering FFB’s location. Our waiter said his favorite entree was the Wisconsin Grilled Cheeseburger($12). Well, since I was on vacation I decided to give it a try. It was essentially a grilled cheese sandwich with a burger, carmelized onions, and bacon inside(I confess I did take a bite with the bacon and then removed the rest before finishing). Obviously with all those fattening ingredients how could this not be the tasty monster that it was.
Wisconsin Grilled Cheeseburger

Wisconsin Grilled Cheeseburger

For the main course(Dessert), our waiter told me to try the Hummingbird cake($8)which he stated was a cross between a spice and carrot cake. When I asked him how much of it was organic he stated that FFB’s tries to source organic as much as possible but with being such a large restaurant they couldn’t do it all the time.
The slice of cake he brought to me was quite large, being more than enough to share if your a nice Dessert Doctor! This behemoth was a four layer beauty with more of a spice flavor then carrot. Still, it wasn’t your grandma’s typically over-spiced variety with a much more enjoyable subtle flavor(sorry grandma!). It contained raisins and walnuts in just the proper distribution to compliment without taking anything away from the moist cake. The cream cheese frosting was also in perfect proportion to the cake so nither the cake or the icing would win first prize but both finish in a dead heat! I really loved the super creamy frosting. It was not too sweet while still enchanting your taste buds. It was all perfectly presented with a caramel drizzle and dollop of house-made whipped cream for that final accent. This cake receives 4 stars for “Is It Good” and 3 hearts for “Is It Good For You”.
I enjoyed the time I spent visiting my family over the holidays in the Washington D.C. area, especially our visit to Farmers Fishers Bakers. Enjoy! TheDessertDoctor.com
A Happy Customer

A Happy Customer

4 starsThree Hearts

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  1. ellen

    looks good next time I’m there ill want to hit it

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