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Alaina’s Bake Shoppe in Palm Beach Gardens, FL

SAM_2836Alaina’s Bake Shoppe and Cafe located in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida is a bakery/lunch cafe that serves up great sandwiches, soups, salads, and of course baked goods! They are open Monday-Saturday and are located in a busy strip center at the corner of Northlake Blvd. and Military Trail.
It was my birthday so my lovely wife wanted to make sure The Dessert Doctor got his fix. We therefore headed over to Alaina’s after wanting to go there for quite some time having read their many favorable reviews.
I wasn’t actually interested in the “regular” food, just the desserts, but I would need to get something healthy first to make it look good. After speaking to a nice gentleman who was a frequent customer, he convinced me that I had to try the Tuna Melt. Well, I’m not big on tuna and there were many other sandwiches that looked great, plus how good can tuna be, but I went ahead and followed his lead. Boy was I glad I did! Don’t know how Alaina made that melt taste so darn good but it was. Perhaps it was the homemade multigrain bun, or some magic relish, but I loved it. Served with perfectly salted home made potato chips and a tasty pickle.

Tuna Melt

Tuna Melt

Now to the “good stuff”(Dessert!). Alaina says that she tries to use local and organic ingredients whenever possible but when I asked, she was honest and said the milk and sugar were not organic(I didn’t press her on the flour and eggs). Still, you can tell she takes a lot of pride in her cooking and store(the place is spotlessly clean even at a time when she was very busy). I asked Alaina what made her open her own bakery a year and a half ago and she said it was her “ridiculously sweet tooth”. I ordered a few desserts of course but Alaina knew it was my birthday so she brought me out several more on a lovely tray with a candle in it. Then she and one of her staff sang Happy Birthday. Very nice!!
The Neenee Nutter Butter cookie sandwich was the favorite of a great lineup of goodies that appeared in front of me. A creamy peanut butter filling that wasn’t too sweet nestled between two tasty peanut butter cookies and then dipped into sumptuous milk chocolate all to create this indescribably yummy masterpiece.

Neenee Nutter Butter Cookie

Neenee Nutter Butter Cookie

The mini Key Lime Pie wasn’t mini at all as it was a nice size serving. The wonderfully buttery graham cracker crust gently cradled the creamy tart key lime filling that tasted of fresh lime juice. This topped with a wonderful meringue that didn’t take away from the dreamy filling.
The other desserts were a buttery chocolate filled croissant, snickerbar(good!), six assorted mini cupcakes(the eggnog was my favorite), and a profoundly magnificent coconut cream cake that was decorated so sophisticatedly that you might have thought you ordered it in a fancy Palm Beach Restaraunt.
I will rate the Neenee Nutter Butter cookie 4.5 Stars for “Is It Good”, the Key Lime Pie also gets 4.5 Stars. The Croissant gets 4 Stars, Snickerbar 3.5 Stars, the Cupcakes 3.5 Stars, and the Coconut Cream Cake 4.5 Stars. This gives Alaina’s an average 4 Stars for “Is It Good”!
As for “Is It Good For You” they receive 3 Hearts. This gives Alaina’s a total score of 7.
I enjoyed my birthday lunch at Alaina’s very much as even though she was extremely busy, she went out of her way to make our visit special. I’m obviously not the only satisfied customer as it seemed like most of the patrons there were regulars and that says a lot. TheDessertDoctor.comSAM_2793SAM_27924 starsThree Hearts

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  1. Carol Goodine

    That looks just like YOUR kind of dessert plate!! Glad to see you enjoyed your special day, luv ya

  2. Joyce B.

    I love Alaina’s. Next time you’re there, try the fantastic apple turnover and the wonderful brownies. Thanks for getting the word out about a great place.

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