Nov 12

Oatmeal Pie at Mondo’s in North Palm Beach, FL

Oatmeal Pie

Mondo’s American Bistro has been a North Palm Beach, Florida dining spot since 1991. Owner Gina Mondanaro serves American to Mediterranean comfort food in a relaxed bistro/sports bar atmosphere. They just added an outdoor patio to enjoy our great Florida weather.
I recently visited Mondo’s to have dinner with my friend John and his lovely mom Patricia who was visiting from Arizona. The Restaraunt is clean and has a wonderful wood carved bar with booths to the side and tables in the front. There are TV’s throughout but not too many as to overwhelm interactions with your table mates.
I ordered the Shrimp and Scallop Thai Salad. It was a medium sized portion with baby arugula, edamame, daikon, asparagus, with a sweet Thai chili vinaigrette. It had a nice contrast of textures and flavors which I thoroughly enjoyed.
For dessert we had to have a slice of their famous oatmeal pie! This dessert is a Palm Beach County staple and is made in-house. Just based on the name, this might not be your first choice to order, maybe opting for more of a typical dessert item like chocolate cake. Well, don’t do it! Get the Oatmeal Pie, you won’t be disappointed. It’s made with both brown and white sugars, vanilla, eggs, and obviously oatmeal. There is a nice toasted caramel flavor from the sugar with vanilla undertones. There is a crunchy texture at the top with a creamness just under that(great job). A typical pie crust at the bottom didn’t have much flavor but I think that was planed , as the oatmeal filling provided all the punch here. It is served with cinnamon ice cream(they gave us two scoops!) which wasn’t made in-house. Typical cinnamon ice cream, good, but nothing special. They don’t want to take away from the star-of-the-show here, that pie. I said to John “isn’t this nice”, and he piped back “too nice”, as it was making him rethink his diet. He wouldn’t let any go to waist! This receives 4 stars for “Is it Good”. I was told there are no organic ingredients in this dessert plus there is quite a bit of sugar in it. The oatmeal is a much better ingredient than white flour (I assume there is white flour in the crust though)but this is not a health food item because of the oatmeal alone, it is a once-in-a-while treat for when you are eating all your organic veggies! This gets 2 hearts for “Is it Good For You”. Enjoy! TheDessertDoctor.com

John and Patricia

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