Oct 26

Sunflour Baking Company in Charlotte, NC

Located at 2001 E. 7th Street in Charlotte, North Carolina, Sunflour Baking Company(Sunflourbakingcompany.com) makes fresh baked goods from scratch using locally grown and organic ingredients whenever possible. For example, their flour is organic and comes from Lindley Mills in Graham, NC. They support local Charlotte vendors for honey as well as the craft jams and jellies they use. Sunflour is owned and operated by mom Debbie Bartok(self-taught baker) and daughters Johannah Saruse(runs day-to-day business), and Marion Buhrmaster(pastry arts degree from Johnson and Wales University).
Open Tuesday-Sundays from early in the morning to 10pm Thursday-Saturday so you can literally eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner there as besides baked goods they serve sandwiches, beer, and wine. They even make their own ice cream from scratch. The place is spotlessly clean with a modern bakery vibe while still exuding a mom-and-daughter feel.
Having already eaten dinner and on Vaca(visiting friends Oscar and Shana), I was there to scout the desserts! The person at the counter recommended the dark chocolate croissant. He said it is the best one in Charlotte and was made with an extremely labor intensive process. The appearance is nothing special, nice, but looks like any other run-of-the-mill croissant. The taste was very ordinary too. I was looking for a rich buttery experience but just got a bland flavor. It also could have used more chocolate inside as the small amount just didn’t provide a much needed boost to this dish. This receives 2 stars for “Is it Good”.
Next, the Carrot Cupcake which is made with ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, and an orange infused cream cheese frosting. The cake was moist and delicious with the ginger undertones providing a lovely, but not too strong side note. There were nice pieces of chewy carrot throughout. The frosting was perfectly creamy and not too sweet to overwhelm the delicious cake. This receives 4 stars!
Their Magic Bar has the typical cast of ingredients: coconut, sweetened condensed milk, and chocolate chips on top of a graham cracker base. With all those ingredients, how could this not taste good, and this one does, but it isn’t any better than the many magic bars I have tried in the past. It could have had a bit more coconut and sweetness but overall I did enjoy it. 3.5 stars here.
The Peanutbutter Chocolate Chip Pretzel cookie is their version of a “kitchen sink” cookie. It was a bit undercooked and therefore had a doughy texture which I’m not particularly found of. The salty contrast that the pretzels provided gave this a nice “salty-sweet” flavor. 2.5 stars here.
The Vegan Chocolate Chip cookie is made with some sort of egg substitute which he didn’t know which one was used. It was also doughy with not enough flavor from any of the ingredients. It also had a funny aftertaste. My least favorite of all the items I sampled. 1.5 stars here.
The regular Chocolate Chip Cookie was another “doughy” undercooked cookie. A bit better than it’s vegan cousin, but still, it lacked any real flavor as both the dough and chips didn’t provide any punch of taste. 2 stars here.
The Dark Chocolate Chip cookie had the perfect amount of sweetness. It was somewhat crispy on the outside with a much better texture then the other cookies. It had a nice chocolate flavor. 3.5 stars here.
I did enjoy my trip to Sunflour Bakery but was a bit disappointed with some of their offerings. I would love to come back and try some additional desserts plus sample some of their yummy sounding sandwiches. I did appreciate their fantastic attempt at using wholesome local ingredients. That gives them 4 hearts for “Is it Good For You”. They also receive an overall score for “Is it Good” of 3 stars. This gives Sunflour a total score of 7 out of 10. Enjoy! TheDessertDoctor.com

Dark Chocolate Chip Cookie

Magic Bar
Chocolate Croissant

Peanutbutter Chocolate Chip Pretzel CookieVegan Chocolate Chip Cookie

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