Oct 17

Raw Vegan Key Lime Cheesecake at Wildcow Vegetarian Restaraunt in Nashville,TN

Located in the eclectic Five Points neighborhood, Wildcow Vegetarian Restaraunt is a definite must-visit eatery in the fun-filled music city of Nashville, TN. Owners John and Melanie Cochran use almost exclusively locally grown organic produce and make most of their dressings, soups, and stocks from scratch. Wildcow was voted best vegetarian restaraunt for 2010 and 2011 by The Nashville Scene. They donate a portion of their proceeds to charities which deal with the environment, world hunger, and safe/humane farming.
Wildcows baker/dessert maker is Karina Kahn, formally the head baker at the very popular Fiore’s Italian Bakery in Boston,MA. Fiore’s is one of Boston’s premiere spots for vegan desserts. She has been cooking professionally since the age of 16.
Unfortunately we cannot live on dessert alone, no matter how healthy they are, so my lovely wife and I ordered dinner first. We split three items, Beans and Greens, Sweet Potato Blackbean Tacos, and ordered a side of Tempi with organic BBQ sauce. The Beans and Greens is made with their famous garlicky kale and pinto beans which sit on top of either quinoa or rice(get the quinoa) topped with the most delicious garlic aioli (ask for extra!) Normally this dish wouldn’t be my first choice on the menu but after reading all the reviews I had to try it. Well, it isn’t just good, it is spectacular! Definitely in my top three vegan dishes I have ever eaten. It’s very garlicky, so be prepared, but boy is it tasty. This dish alone caused me to return another day and bring my meat-loving sister Ellen and best brother-in-law Steve to try to convert them to the vegan side! They definitely enjoyed the Beans and Greens and a terrific house-made veggie burger. The Sweet Potato Tacos were also very good along with the excellent tempi with BBQ sauce.
Since we were on Vaca, we decided to try a few desserts. First, the Raw Vegan Key Lime Cheesecake. This selection looked like a cross between a lime cheesecake and a green key lime pie. The cashew base provided a nice texture which was surprisingly similar to cheesecake. You could definitely taste the cashew flavor, which was good. There was a nice sweet taste but it could have been a bit more tart. The crust had a wonderful flavor and texture with sweetness provided by dates and a nutty flavor from some type of nut which the staff was not sure what kind Ms. Khan used. It receives 3.5 stars for “Is it Good”.
The Mint Cookie Cake was a good looking four layer chocolate cake with a green mint flavored icing. The cake tasted like a regular non-vegan mix which says a lot for a vegetarian cake. It had a nice chocolate flavor which complimented the mint icing perfectly for that mint chocolate chip taste that I am sure Ms. Khan was looking for. My only problem with this cake was that it was a bit on the dry side. Some more moisture would have made it even better. 3.5 stars for “Is it Good”.
Lastly, we tried the Gluten-Free Pecan Sandies Cookie. It was an attractive cookie topped with powdered white sugar, and loaded with small pieces of pecans. It had a light fluffy texture with a bit of a salty taste to it. Not a bad flavor but it could have been a bit sweeter. This gets 3.5 stars for “Is it Good”.
Remember, these desserts are vegan, so they aren’t going to taste exactly like your typical store bought variety. Still, with an open health conscious mind, I think you will enjoy both the taste and goodness these desserts provide. The Wildcow receives an overall 3.5 stars for “Is it Good” and 4.5 hearts for “Is it Good For You”. This makes The Wildcow Restaraunt a “Dessert Doctor Hall of Fame” member with a total of eight points! Enjoy! TheDessertDoctor.com.

Sweet Potato Tacos and TempiPecan Sandie

Mint Cookie Cake

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  1. Aunt April

    I am so glad you tried the Wild Cow! The beans and greens is my favorite dish, and Karina is an amazing vegan baker! Too bad they didn’t have any raw tiramisu at the time!

    1. The Dessert Doctor

      Will need to return to Nashville just to try the tiramisu!

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