Oct 08

Gluten Free Chocolate Cake at Southern Sweets Bakery in Atlanta

Southern Sweets Bakery is located in a nondescript warehouse district at 186 Rio Circle in Decatur, Georgia. You definitely wouldn’t think of putting a bakery in this spot but I think it works for them as they are first a commercial bakery and this spot probably keeps their overhead low. They sell their baked goods to many Atlanta area restaurants and also deliver yummy desserts for weddings, and parties. Secondly, they are a cafe that serves sandwiches, soups, and salads.
My nephew Craig, who is a Dessert Doctor in training, accompanied me on my trip to this establishment. Many patients have already estimated the benefits of Tramadol purchase via Internet. Being on Vaca we decided to let lose and try several items. Southern offers a nice selection of gluten free and vegan options so I ordered the gluten free chocolate layer cake. This three layer cake had a buttercream frosting which was a bit too sweet for my taste. The cake had a nice chocolate flavor but was a bit on the dry side. I suspect the cake was used for slices and dried out somewhat from sitting open and exposed a bit too long in the frig. This cake gets 2.5 stars for “Is it good”.
Craig wanted to try the Oreo Cheesecake so of course I helped him indulge. This selection was a real winner as opposed to the somewhat disappointing chocolate cake. The sumptuous cake was rich and creamy with just the right amount of sweetness. The thick Oreo crust and Oreos embedded within the cake provided the perfect balance in both texture and flavor. It was difficult(Ha,Ha) but Craig and I finished the entire generous portion. This receives 4.5 stars for “Is it Good”.
Last, but not least, we sampled a Cappuccino Bar Cookie. It was recommended by Sonia who has been working here for six years. The bar was large and thick with nuts and white chocolate pieces throughout providing a nice flavor and texture contrast in a way which didn’t overwhelm the cookie. As you know I like a cookie on the harder crunchy side and this was just that. It wasn’t dry and brittle which is bad, but had just enough moisture content to add some richness. The coffee flavor wasn’t overwhelming but just enough that you knew what the name of this bar meant. This gets 4 stars for “Is it Good”.
Southern Sweets is not a health food store, it’s a commercial bakery. According to Sonia they use regular non-organic white flour and white sugar in most of their goodies but do try to offer some healthier options. For example, they use organic soy milk in their vegan baked goods and rice flour in their gluten free items. Therefore I give this bakery 2 hearts for “Is it Good For You”, and an overall 4 stars for “Is it Good”. Enjoy! TheDessertDoctor.com

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