Jul 07

Key Lime Pie at Water Bar and Grill in Palm Beach Gardens, FL

The relatively new Water Bar and Grill in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida is a contemporary seafood restaurant from highly sucessful restaurateur John Spoto. Water Bar took over the spot formally occupied by Oakwood Grill. It appears quite a bit of time and money was put into the space as it is nicely decorated with a blue water theme. There is a large outdoor bar with extra table seating should the weather cooperate. We were seated at a comfortable booth and promptly greeted by our server Matt. I had the trout which was a large portion with a fresh flavor. This was on the summer prix fixe menu and came with choice of salad or soup and of course dessert!
I opted for the key lime pie as the only other choices were ice cream or sorbet. Legend has it that earlier Key’s settlers were without a supply of fresh milk so they began making their pies with readily available key lime juice. Besides lime juice this pie typically contains egg yolks, and condensed milk. Matt said that the pie was made in house with no organic ingredients but fresh, not from concentrate, key lime juice. He said it had an a great flavor which wasn’t too sweet like a lot of key lime pies can be. From the appearence alone, the pie looked typically “store bought” ordinary, dressed up with a caramel drizzle, whipped cream, and a piece of lime. The pie filling was much too sweet, not as Matt had predicted. It had a gelatinish texture, not rich and creamy. Unfortunately the taste was of regular lime concentrate and not “fresh key lime” flavor. The necessary “zing” from a good key lime pie just wasn’t there. The graham cracker crust was good with a bit of crunch having no soggy texture as many of these pies can have when they sit a bit too long. The whipped cream was nothing spectactular, creamy, with a nice taste of fresh cream and a hint of sweetness. This dessert offering recieves 2.5 stars for “Is it good”, and 1 heart for “Is it good for you”. TheDessertDoctor.com

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