Jul 03

Viking Cake at Extraordinary Desserts in San Diego

Extraordinary Desserts in San Diego, CA is has two locations, the original in famous Balboa Park, and the new location on Union Street in Little Italy(open since 2004). The newer location is the larger store. It acts as both a bakery and hip bistro. It is a very popular spot, as the place was packed and there was a short wait for our table. The founder of this amazing place is award winning/Le Cordon Blue educated chef Karen Krasne. Ms. Krasne, a San Diego native, has won so many bakery and dessert awards year after year, that lets just say, I hope she remains as humble as her desserts are good. The restaraunts philosophy is that they try to use organically grown or sustainable ingredients whenever possible. I got a great vibe from the staff whoever I spoke with. They all seemed to love working here and respect Ms. Krasne’s dedication to quality and creativeness. Our knowledgable server Laura told us how Ms. Krasne frequently plays with different ingredients, both depending on what is available, and also just to feed her playful side. When you look at all the incredible displays in their dessert cases you realize that this place isn’t just baking, they are creating art. Everything is decorated with edible flowers and as many colors as can be put on a plate are placed there for you to marvel at.
The hostess recommended the Viking Cake, among other things to be reviewed in future posts, so we had to try it. If you even think you might like chocolate then this is your cake. Luscious layers of both creme brûlée and milk chocolate cremeuse are sandwiched in between layers of moist spongy dark and milk chocolate cake. The cake is topped with crushed chocolate almond pralines which provided a wonderful crunchy texture to finish off your bite. The plate was decorated with both chocolate and caramel sauces and made even prettier with several rose petals. To garnish the cake, a swirl of rich creamy dark chocolate fudge was placed on top making a sort of nest for a sumptuous chocolate truffel. I loved this cake and you can taste the dedication of Ms. Krasne in every bite. For such a busy place it is amazing that they provide such great food and service. By the way, I also enjoyed my dinner which was a turkey panini. My sister Ellen and her husband Steve also enjoyed their food and desserts. The Viking Cake receives 4.5 stars for “Is it good” and 3 hearts for “Is it good or you”. TheDessertDoctor.com

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  1. ellen scherer

    love this place the only warning is alot of their chocolate has marzipan in it. im not a fan of that …

  2. The Dessert Doctor

    Marzipan is thought to have originated in Persia(present day Iran), and then introduced into Europe by the Turks. It’s two main ingredients are almond paste and sugar. It’s uses are vary from a chocolate pastry filling marzipan, to cake icing, and it can even be shaped into figurines which can be painted and decorated. I do have many readers that don’t like almond paste, and therefore are not big fans of marzipan. Thanks for your comment!

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