Jun 21

Pannikin Coffee and Tea in Encinitas, CA

We were told by a local named Al not to miss this wonderful place on our way down the coast headed towards San Diego. It is a coffee shop, bakery, and cafe all rolled into one. Of course I was interested in the bakery part! Pannikin is housed in a quaint old Victorian house and just the charm factor here makes it worth a trip. The helpful server told me they bake almost all of there goods in-house and do not use any organic ingredients, just white flour and sugar. My lovely wife had one of the coffee drinks and gave it a thumbs up.

The carrot cake was highly recommended so this was the first thing I tried. Moist and full of raisins the cake part was very good. The butter cream/cream cheese frosting was great but their could have been a much thicker layer. It was garnished with coconut shavings. This receives 3.5 stars for “Is it good” and 1.5 hearts for “Is it good for you”.

Next was the Magic Bar. It’s made with coconut, butterscotch, milk and white chocolate chips, pecans, and a graham cracker crust. It all sounds good but it wasn’t. It tasted like it was made several days before and sat in the frig a bit too long. The graham cracker crust was soggy. 2.5 stars and 1 heart.

The chocolate chip cookie was a big cookie with lots of promise on the plate. It was just ok. The chocolate chips were small and not made from a top quality chocolate I presume. The cookie was neither crunchy or chewy, just in between, plus a bit stale. 2.5 stars and 1 heart.

Last, the Peanut Butter Cookie. This was a bit better than its chocolate sibling with just the right amount of peanut butter flavor and a nice crunch around the outside like I like. 3.5 stars and 1 heart. TheDessertDoctor.com

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