Jun 11

Alyssa’s Organic Almond Cookies

Alyssa’s organic almond cookies made by Alyssa’s Bakery in Jupiter, Florida are a real healthy treat. According to Doug, the owner of the company(Alyssa is his daughters name), these tasty little bites are made from all organic ingredients with no added fats or oils. They are gluten free and according to Doug are 60 calories per cookie with 4 grams sugar, 1 gram of protein, and 5 grams of fat mostly from the ground almonds. As we all know it it easier to make unhealthy desserts that taste good rather than using healthy ingredients. With that said Alyssa’s does deliver here on taste. This is an almond cookie, therefore it should taste like almonds and it does. It is a dense little morsel with a hearty texture from the ground almonds. It has just the proper amount of sweetness but the sugar doesn’t overpower the great almond taste mearly complimenting it. The cookie is on the small side so be prepared to eat more than one.
For the “Is it good” I give this 8 stars and for “Is it good for me” it gets 9 hearts. A real winner here and a TheDessertDoctor.com hall of fame member with a total score over 16!

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  1. angele darling

    I was sent your link by a friend. I own Coffee Rani on the Northshore and she thought that we should consider carrying your product. Is that a possibility? Please contact me with info. Thank you, Angele Darling

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